Top 3 Common Marketing Mistakes in The Construction Industry

Expectations, Consistency & Offer

Establishing accurate expectations

"After posting on social media for 3 months with no leads or sales, we decided to halt our efforts."

I often encounter businesses that are disappointed with their marketing outcomes. However, upon closer inspection, the root cause is often misaligned expectations rather than inadequate execution.

Many business owners expect immediate results, which is understandable in some circumstances. However, when there is no noticeable impact after a short marketing campaign, they may prematurely conclude that the channel, such as social media, is ineffective for their business.

Marketing success is not measured by instant results. Its objective is to educate your audience about how your offerings can address their needs and encourage them to make a purchase, ultimately contributing to business growth and increased sales.

Marketing is usually a long-term game, especially if you are trying to grow organically. Establishing appropriate expectations is critical to a successful long-term strategy. Rather than focusing solely on immediate sales from marketing efforts, consider it an opportunity to cultivate relationships with your target audience.

Developing strong relationships takes time, dedication, and consistency. However, the rewards for building a solid foundation are substantial. While you may not see direct sales in the initial months of your marketing campaign, you could potentially double your revenue in the next 6-8 months.

This highlights another prevalent mistake in construction marketing...


“We executed an email campaign, but it did not result in any sales.. “

This resembles the issue with expectations, but it pertains to the frequency of your marketing activities.

Many construction companies send out a limited number of emails or post on social media for a brief period, then abandon the effort when there is no immediate response. This does not necessarily mean their strategy is flawed, but it is important to understand that marketing success takes time to materialize.

The construction industry is highly competitive, and there are numerous marketing messages vying for attention every day, whether through social media, press releases, or email campaigns. It is uncommon for someone to make a purchase solely based on a single blog post or social media update. The process of building relationships, especially in the digital world, involves three phases: Curiosity, Enlightenment, and Loyalty.

Curiosity involves introducing yourself to your audience. They are intrigued by how you can address their issue, such as the project they are working on.

Enlightenment in this stage, they begin to appreciate the content you publish. Your offerings and ability to help your audience to become more transparent.

Loyalty is the final stage where your audience makes the decision to purchase from you. This is the result of consistent exposure to your content, whether it be through emails, social media, or blog posts.

It's important to keep in mind that a significant portion of your target audience may not be ready to make a purchase at the moment. The aim of effective marketing and a strong online presence is to ensure that when they are ready to buy, your brand is the first one that comes to mind.

Highlight the advantages of your offer, not just the features.

"Our staircase is done with utmost precision. Additionally, we provide balustrades made of shatter-resistant 8mm toughened glass with different fixings."

While it's important to state the technical specifications of your glass balustrade systems, that information alone may not be enough to capture the attention of potential customers and build trust. Instead, focus on how your product or service addresses the specific needs and concerns of your target audience.
Emphasize the benefits, such as compliance with UK building regulations, attractive aesthetics, and durability, rather than just listing features.

It's crucial to clearly convey the specific benefits of your products or services to your audience. 

If you struggle to build an offer that would suit the world of digital marketing, simply contact me and I will show you how to emphasize the right parts of the product.

Author: Erwin Adrian Wysocki

Author: Erwin Adrian Wysocki

Compatible with all types of businesses digital marketing specialist, tracking and analytics expert with proven web development and PPC skills in crowded markets. Nine years of highly intense experience. Passionate about my work, geopolitics, history, and Louis Grenier. I love straightforwardness and BS-free marketing.

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