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Erwin Adrian Wysocki - Marketing expert with 8 years of experience that generated more than £5,000,000 in the last 4 years for his clients with less than £550,000 of investment.

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Erwin Adrian Wysocki - Marketing expert with 8 years of experience that generated more than £5,000,000 in the last 4 years for his clients with less than £550,000 of investment.

Erwin Adrian - PERFORMANCE Marketing Expert for Design & Build Companies

Real Marketing Starts Here

I am Erwin, a performance marketing expert for design & build and construction companies like yours. I possess a broad range of focused skills.
Your company will generate more than 10x ROI, you will know which exact ads bring you money. You will obtain automation that makes your sales team capable of handling all these leads.
About Me

I’m Erwin Adrian.
Full-stack Marketer

I am supporting manufacturers, design & build and IT companies selling products whether B2B or B2C. Working in the marketing industry since the age of 16. My job status was always dependent on bringing measurable return on investment therefore I've been educating on performance marketing as my life depends on it. As of today, I have mastered this field, and still continuously learning.

I am sharing this knowledge with the right people.


Outsourcing marketing to agency is often a pain, unless you are big corporation you will be paying for interns' education and the fee will depend on ad spend. On the other side, freelancers aren't as flexible as employees. Employing and training a wrong person is disastrous when they leave. I am none of those.

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Areas of Expertise


Facebook Ads

Better and cheaper lead generation than TOP 1% digital agencies. As per our strategic direction. 


Google Ads

I will dominate search rankings for your key products. Stay on top of results for most relevant people.



Your sales team will save plenty of time on admin tasks, automation will do it for them, and that's just beginning.


ROI Tracking

No more uncertainty, you will know how much money is generated by each factor. I will know what to scale.


Email Campaigns

I will get you a list of ideal customers and craft emails to generate you the highest quality leads.



Your company will obtain a long-term, accurate strategic marketing approach that's aligned with your business goals.


Team Management

I will manage your marketing hirings or already established team.



From simple marketing problem-solving to exceptional MarTech solutions.

How can I help you?

You need marketing consulting if your marketing team have been stuck with poor result for too long. Sometimes we all need support and a fresh look at the situation from a different angle. Your problems will get sorted and your marketing team will be stronger than ever. I know how to solve the problems of most companies with a bespoke marketing approach.

You can hire me just like a standard remote employee. This option is best if your company have never been doing strategised marketing movements. Ideally, you have little or no marketing team and want to delegate all sorts of marketing responsibilities to a trusted person. I will help you get on that 7 figure revenue in a year or two. 

Whether you are a marketing manager in a large company or managing director of a small business, I can help you in understanding how paid ads work. We will do campaigns together and make a successful marketing learning plan to make you more efficient in the world of digital advertising.

If you are facing marketing problems that are related to the technology of tracking, scripting or more advanced ads, I will be able to solve them. I have used or tested software for all kinds of digital marketing purposes. You might not be aware of how much you can achieve with the most recent marketing technology.

Struggling with Marketing?
Call Me - 078 4081 5514

Struggling with Marketing?
Call 078 4081 5514

Whether you are a design & build company or a manufacturer.

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